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Nicholas may have started the company, but Jacques knew exactly how to soar it to new heights.Ciel wore a very simple white top with a long blue skirt.There was nothing they could ever teach her about success, obviously.This is the third week they've been causing this high of a dent in profits,” he sighed.A story of love, angst, acceptance and overcoming adversity.What he was, at his core, was a businessman. Princess Cynthia Ch 1. It always seemed to sit in the back of his mind.Was this normal? Did everyone feel this way.Winter was also attending, and much to his disappointment, she nodded in agreement with Jacques' words.The other boys in class always seemed excited about the classes about wars, always seemed excited for sports, especially dodgeball, but none of it felt like him.Comments: 31 Kudos: 94 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 1563.Jacques Schnee would rant about his beliefs that gay relationships were inherently perverted and a disgrace to the world, and while this wasn't the same, surely he looked at transgender people under the same lens.Winter was returning from the room, eagerly showcasing her designer jacket in the process, as she carried makeup supplies over to Ciel, who was standing in front of the office chair that matched Winter's desk, carefully applying makeup with skill most eight-year-olds didn't possess.You're a Schnee, you're supposed to be the elite, you're supposed to fix this generation.Jacques was no humanitarian, and was certainly no feminist.Are you a degenerate or are you a Schnee?” Jacques ranted.One of the other students in his seventh grade social studies class came out as transgender.It seemed that the rapier had been made with the intention of also serving as a revolver, but was never able to successfully function as such.One last disclaimer, I wanna give a heads up.Ciel finally finished applying the makeup, and took a step back, allowing everyone to see.Ilia, however, fell short of his requirements in almost every way. Klein will take your friends home.He used his finances to fund projects to clean the state up, and was well on his way to making a real difference when he passed away in his fifties, leaving his company to his daughter, Willow. Wander Over Yonder. Her bed had been made with hospital corners, and without a single wrinkle allowed, as it had been for years.She wore tank tops, spent no time on makeup, and didn't speak softly as her friends always did.”.It's time you ask yourself an important question.That party was one of the most lonely moments of his life thus far, and that said something given just how frequently the Schnee family was cold to one another.

Weiss Schnee

The whole afternoon had been slow and the evening was proving to be the same.There's absolutely nothing you can remember.When your hand went through mine?” The ghost looked up at her.If I was in your realm, the situation would be reversed.Blurred, colorless, muffled, and cold sensations filled her mind and pushed out thoughts of anything else.The two had lived together long enough for Blake to know when Yang would be pissed, but she also knew all of the easy ways to diffuse the woman. Allura + Pidge. Her feline ears flicked at the sound of movement in the back, one turning to locate the source.They were muffled and far away in a sea of cacophonous sound.The sun set quickly behind the horizon of buildings and street lights flickered on illuminating the world in a pale gray light only fitting for the monochromatic blur of people.She stood at a petite height of no more than five foot one and almost every passerby made her feel smaller and smaller.It seemed they already let the other workers go early.The plot went through a couple of major shifts and changes as I went, but right now I have everything planned.The ghost woman stood up from the concrete and still seemed baffled by what was happening.Her bright blue eyes caught the light of the setting sun and gave the expression a more devious look. “Look, as much as I like spending my free time on Friday evenings helping out strange spirits I meet in the street instead of relaxing after work, I should go,” Blake said and adjusted her bag on her shoulder.Blake’s ears flicked at the voice breaking the silence.It's normal.And try to think about things, if you can remember anything at all.Rosa had told Blake what type she was but for the life of her, she couldn’t remember.She was confused.” Blake’s voice remained level and soft as she began to explain the situation to the ghost woman.You’re dead.Blake could feel the ghost watch her fish her phone from her bag and disappear into the crowd of people. Reinhardt gay. She crouched down slightly to briefly hug the short woman. We can finish up here.For me, it felt electric and cold, and for you, I imagine it was a burning jolt.Behind her, the restaurant was empty of customers.Blake seemed to shudder like a chill shot through her arm.One of her bosses, Rosa, was an older faunus woman.With a playful scowl, she turned around only to see Rosa motioning her hands to shoo her along.But, after working on Sanative Empathy and finding a groove with writing that, I started toying with the idea of repurposing the story and wound up going back through it and breaking it down to rewrite it all.

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I.A massive earthquake destroyed most of the mine and village, opening a fissure deep into the earth.”.However, what is truly frightening is one who has tasted human blood - a Sanguine Faunus.Before the torso projectile finished its destructive path through its mates, the cat faunus dashed forward, sliding low into the group.But after growing up around faunus in Mistral, it had been a long time since she had seen this kind of fear. Fallout 4 sole survivor synth. The crept forward quietly, expecting resistance.” Weiss sat on her bed and pulled out her scroll.He flashed to catch Wilt midair, rending the soldier in two with a cross-body slash.We’re going to drain every passenger on this train.Everything she had built up over the last year was destroyed in an instant.”. “I.She suffered nightmare after nightmare, of being murdered by Blake.I’m going to call Vale Police.for a number of reasons.There are almost none who have become a full fledged Sanguine Faunus, outside a handful in the White Fang.Most have been killed by hunters and huntresses.The White Fang wants to bring out this full potential of all faunus, and rule over humanity.Fitting with his bull faunus nature, Adam charged forward, drawing their fire.She sluggishly sat up, dropping her head into her trembling hands.” she stuttered.we should bug out now. Harry Potter Wiki. ”. What’s wrong with the faunus.Three clones of Blake stepped out from behind her - three perfect copies of Blake, except dark as the void. “How old are you?”.The giant mech jumped forward, bringing its massive leg down to crush the comparatively tiny faunus women.She’s done nothing to hurt you or any of us.Dangling her feet off the side of the roof, she gazed up absently at the shattered moon.I think I let my prejudice blind me, to the point I drew my weapon on our teammate. “Weiss.Seconds later, she tugged her blade from the skull of the last Atlesian knight; the two were free to proceed once more.Blake rolled her eyes, transforming her katana into ballistic kusarigama form..Yang spoke up first.Eons ago, a village of humans near a dust mine suffered a major accident.Once they do that, they become an even stronger being - a Sanguine Faunus. “The Human-Faunus War only made things worse and radicalized the White Fang.probably a prototype.Weiss shifted uncomfortably under her stoic gaze.The white column of light disappeared into Wilt, fully absorbed by Adam’s semblance.” It was a common tactic of the Schnees to shield their cargo with innocent lives.She’s been there for us, and has put her life on the line to keep us safe.

And then there are the reasonable ones like; Sun x Blake; Beauty and Beast (Adam x Blake); and Neptune x Weiss which I see very little of..I might begin to research about all of this, I dont know but it will get some queations answered.Thanks to Deigo, I dont need to update this blog.But if there are still people that are confused, just let us know

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.There were garlands above the door frames, the TV was playing a looped recording of logs burning in a fireplace, and a soft tinkling of background music was coming from the speakers.Both arms loaded with grocery bags, she barely managed, a bag of cocoa powder precariously balanced on top threatening to fall.Those were the ones labelled in Taiyang’s scrawly handwriting, and holding the more traditional baubles and handmade decorations.After all, bickering about what bauble had to go where was half the fun of decorating.But after the incident involving a semblance-enhanced Ruby and Weiss holding a tray full of hot turkey, they all agreed that it was better to err on the side of caution for once. Sleepy gary. Some of the boxes were close to falling apart from age.”.She reached her hands up around Blake’s neck and leant up to kiss her.Dressed in a fluffy red sweater with way too many reindeer faces, she jumped up, arms poised for a giant hug.Either they reminded her too much of the traditions the Schnee family formally practiced, or they were so full of the unknown that her anxiety kept her from enjoying herself.Her scarf quickly joined the others on their respective hooks in the warm mudroom.Disentangling herself from the hug as best she could, she turned around to face Yang.If Blake started leaving her clothes in a haphazard pile like Yang did, Weiss would be even more anxious than the season already warranted for her.She definitely would never “stumble like a young deer and nearly fall on her face”.I’ll just stick with tea, thank you very much.A waft of the spicey smell of christmas baking followed her

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”.The real world doesn’t always end up working out the way we want.I don’t know exactly what happened, but something happened on graduation night.” Yang’s eyes briefly flash red. “How is she doing?”.She’s not experienced with driving on dirt roads, so she was afraid to approach the house at first, but she knows the paths a little better now, and the width of her car, so the driving is easier, and now she can actually. Star. Yang places a wrapped something in Weiss’s arms, but when she goes to undo the ribbon Yang stops her, saying that the present is for Blake.”. I accepted.He’s always exhausted after a long run,” Summer declares, getting up.Blake preferred nighttime, Yang called it beauty sleep, and Clay just woke up at a regular time.Amaranth relays the message that some of the investors aren’t happy, but if she plays her cards right at the New Years party, she can still win them back.Just gotta put your fences up and be careful with it.And really, it’s easy for them to get caught in a feedback loop of complementing each other like this.And, well, there are people out there that would seek to.I don’t know why she’s here — she implied to me that she’s here on a more permanent basis than just Christmas.But I’ve made a lot of mistakes, too, and it doesn’t always balance out.She doesn’t have her hair down very often — she normally sleeps with it up, but she must have taken it down in her exhaustion.You always said you were an adventure-seeker.Weiss receives a book, filled with handwriting from Ruby.Besides, Weiss, you’re gonna do great things by coming out with Blake.They don’t precisely understand why — I think competition is necessary for a healthy economy, they think the company should come first.There’s a mystery somewhere, connected to the legacy of team STRQ and exactly what they did that was so shattering. Manic in Sonic X by WildWhimzyAngel on DeviantArt. ”. She knew.Yang leaves the room and closes the door behind her.Blake texted her saying that she felt better now.And her car isn’t built to get out — well, she just has to hope that it’s most of the way melted by the time she needs to pick Blake up.But when her former teammate answers the door, Weiss realizes that things are a lot more complicated than they seem.”.And then she came to me for help, and Yang and I ended up drifting apart as a result.A man is at the stove who resembles Yang quite a bit — she suspects that he is the aforementioned Taiyang.Soon, everyone will be clamoring to get this mine.A vault that many have sought to find — but no one has, and it stores something important to the salvation of humanity.

“No.Weiss rolled her eyes, producing her scroll and bringing up the text messages in question.Penny had been a late addition to the group, but a bright one at that. “How elegant. “Yes. A family. Fenris. The cookie broke apart, melting in her lups, so full and complete, made savory with what she presumed was sea salt.She knew they cared for her, and that they cared about her as well, at least, until recently. Is wanting such things so terrible Ruby?” Ruby tried to protest, but there was no coherent argument against it. “I’m sorry.” The woman said, Ruby swallowing, trying to get rid of the lump in her throat.” Ruby’s lips curled downwards in a frown; why had she said that.Her heart throbbed again, not in protest, but in aching need. I can lend an ear and listen to your troubles, if you’d like. “Hand me that water bottle?” Weiss obliged, uncapping the plastic for her. “You love Weiss, don’t you?” The woman said, smiling.She had not meant to say that, but in the woman’s embrace, her inhibitions were giving way.No matter how she felt, just being with Blake would always make her feel better and safe.Always Salem.You asked me to take you shopping.The dam inside of her, held back by her need to hold everyone, and everything together, finally broke apart. They were alone.So very warm, underneath all the walls she threw up to protect herself. Harry Potter and the Problem of Potions by Wyste. It was as if she’d been lost for so long, only to be found again after a lifetime of wandering. “Yeah. They could all be together again.” The woman said. So very far away.

She suspects that she still gave some kind of physical sign.They get out the door before Weiss says anything more.”.She heard the sound of footsteps coming down the ladder, and then a face peeks through her curtain.”. “You have to face it — we’re the ones outside the norm. Live To Laugh — Little Virgil. That’s not something to be ashamed of, Weiss.”.”.It’s an experience similar to the one that she had back at Beacon, but she couldn’t fall asleep.It’s okay if you have a crush on my sister, I’m okay with that.romantic inclinations.I have enough decency to not share a secret that someone.So I’m the only other single person here that doesn’t want to be.Jaune comes up to Weiss one day in the cafeteria.What do you have left to be insecure about, Weiss.Well, there are always people that can surprise her.She isn’t equipped to deal with this on the other end of it.”.”.I’m betting that it’s Ren and Nora, and he was asking you and hit a little close to home.I think that counts as exposing a secret that he trusted you with already.You just have to keep moving forward from them. Tamara. ”.”.We were talking about..Much less Jaune Arc, hopelessly devoted to Pyrrha since her death.She doesn’t know what Jaune is asking about, but the fact that Jaune is asking.It wasn’t the one directly above her, so it was probably Yang.Their belongings are sparser than they were back when they attended Beacon.You tend to toss and turn a lot in your sleep — I knew you were awake because you weren’t moving

Penny knew the road ahead would be difficult, but she also knew that the reward of a little one to love would be well worth it..She had always wanted to go to Beacon because it was a very special school.When Ruby awoke they were in a crib again, but a different one, in a different room.Sharpness and intelligence shown from them, something Penny had only seen in her own father.But she got through it and now Penny was helping her dress in her school uniform. Archive. Ruby suckled on the bottle as they drank the milk until it was empty.Once it was, Penny lifted the baby over her shoulder and patted her back to burp them, earning her a hiccup-like burp from the little one.Ruby hated being in the bassinet and in that room.Our story with a bunch of first year students at Beacon to learn to care for genetical Littles.To hold a little one and see to their needs as what Penny knew was a caretaker.And so she applied and was accepted into Beacon Academy for Caregivers and Littles. (Like from Baby Geniuses) And so began a new age of prosperity around the world and schooling to continue to take care of the babies of the future.It was something Penny had taken a great interest in studying over robotics.But the thing that caught Penny’s attention were those silver eyes.She wanted to make a friend, and there seemed not to be a better friend to make than that of a little.Suddenly the door opened and in walked Penny, holding a bottle.She laid in her Ruby sized bassinet, watching Penny through the glass.

She was very confused when the tubes above the machine broke and started to spew orange light into the air, the light seemed to consolidate into one mass of light.Pyrrha also Started Convulsing in her tube and grabbed at her throat.Time rapidly accelerated back to normal and Ozpin gasped as the arrow that had been floating in mid-air struck home, hitting him on the left side of his chest, directly through his heart.Ozpin focused on the millennia-old power within him, his reserves were remarkably low.A large mass of orange glowing light came out of Cinder's corpse and shot over to the machine which housed the 2 women Ruby had been tasked by the late Headmaster to protect.Ozpin's breathing coming to a stop and Cinder's struggled breaths growing quiet. Bella is a werewolf and imprints on rosalie fanfiction. As the power settled into her she slowly floated to the ground and took a deep breath blinking as the flames ceased to come out of her eyes.But that didn't matter what mattered now was the security of the Relic of Choice and the Power of the Fall Maiden, He cast a spell onto Ruby Infusing within her the knowledge and ability to Utilize her connection to the God of Light through her Silver Eyes.And what if when Ruby Predictably stops Cinder from killing Amber she receives the power of the Fall Maiden instead.Cinder with a bullet firmly lodged in her Heart and Ozpin with an arrow in the same location.I do actually plan to continue it and keep writing but I'm kinda bad at writing.Both Ozpin and Cinder rested on their knees eyes wide..

She has a leather jacket swung over one shoulder while her hands are in her pockets. “Are you going to say that you’re my gift now?”.I’ll just try to make the number look as fancy as possible.It’s not like she plans on making them a regular part of her life.The flirtatiousness from earlier was gone, but her intensity was still there, with the way that she was focusing on Weiss’s tight grip now being the center of her attention. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reminder of how happy you were--how happy you still can be in the future--every time you check your phone?”. High School. Weiss frowns at the mess on her dress and runs a hand through her suddenly messy hair.Unfortunately for her, Weiss is the first to glance down, prompting Yang to suddenly lick her lips to speak--hopefully.Her expression returns to a neutral mask as she gathers her thoughts.When they’re done, Yang cheers enthusiastically, which makes up for Blake’s simple nod of acknowledgement. “We can just follow this recipe. “And how is this cake going to get made?”. “I was serious about you looking lonely though.She’s never felt so safe in someone else’s company before, and the way Yang is rubbing slow circles around the back of her palm is unexpectedly grounding. It’s a new feeling because not many people can keep up with Weiss Schnee, and they’ve been keeping her on her toes all night. “It’s me, isn’t it?” She asks so shamelessly that Weiss gets a very familiar urge to wipe off her smirk.The woman steps closer.She doesn’t want to lie about this but absolutely refuses to acknowledge the truth.

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